23 March 2013 @ 08:25 pm

Title: Shadows of the World (Coda)
: Merucha
Characters: Canonical Torchwood Three members… sort of.
Rating: Some chapters definitely not safe for work.
Disclaimer: Oh, please. If I owned them, would I let some of those idiots write the scripts? And if I were making any money off them, would I be where they could find me?
Summary: Torchwood battles a terrible curse to save a beautiful woman
Author's Note: This takes the place of A Day in the Death

Story is here

“Jack.... Ianto... well, Jack and Ianto... and now Andy and Carlos. Though not like Jack and Ianto, but still!” Rhys peered owlishly into his beer. “It's an ep... an epi... an epidemic, that's what it is.”

Howls of laughter greeted the pronouncement. Jack sipped his ale and enjoyed the chaos. They had taken over the team's favorite pub for Rhys's bachelors party. It seemed to Jack that every male above the age of consent in Cardiff was crammed into the small, low-ceilinged room. His own half-brother Andras sat a few places away, explaining the concept of dietary restrictions to Banana Boat while the eavesdropping Prince of Wales tried valiantly not to snicker. Across from them, Andy, Ianto, and Aaron ben Joseph were deep into a spirited argument about the Six Nations tournament.

“It sure is, mate.” Owen clapped Rhys on the shoulder, nearly propelling him face-first into the beer. “And you are patient zero. A toast!” He stood up, raising his glass. “To our gloriously pissed bridegroom!”

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