24 May 2013 @ 09:08 am
Title: Legends (11/?)
Author: Merucha
Characters: Tim McGee, Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, plus the usual Torchwood and NCIS suspects
: Some chapters definitely not safe for work.
Disclaimer: Oh, please. If I owned them, would I let some of those idiots write the scripts? And if I were making any money off them, would I be where they could find me?
Summary: After the events of Bloodbath, Tim McGee accepts a offer from a total stranger
Author's Note: A few weeks ago I was watching some NCIS episodes and came across Bloodbath. I hated both Abby and Gibbs in it. I hated the humiliation of making Tim kneel all day for something that was someone else's fault. I fumed for days (I am a bit obssessive about things from time to time). Then, a few days ago, this popped up. As usual, AU like nobody's business.
Author's Note:
I'm sorry this has taken so long. Real Life has been a bit of a pain -- literally!

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Tim read through the documents Mimi had assembled. You're sure about this?

As much as I can be. The Doctor erased whole sectors of the Valiant's databases, especially those dealing with the Toclafane. There was a long pause. And Jack.

There are things we don't need to know. Tim sighed. But that means we'll be going into it blind, except for whatever Martha,Jack, and Tish can remember. I hope Ducky knows what he's doing. He heard the door open behind him and blanked out the screen. “Hey. Tony, Ziva.”

“Probie.” Tony handed him a crushed coffee cup. “Don't leave things lying around.”
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