Friends have been pointing me in the direction of different fandoms, and I have a few general comments for writers:

1. If you decide to abandon a fic after posting 47 freaking chapters, have the decency of labeling the thing so I don't waste my time reading it.

2. If you want to know if an act is possible during sex, close your eyes and try to visualize it. There are certain positions a human body cannot assume without extreme pain and joint dislocation. I don't care if he is a magical boy or a 51st century guy.

3. Motivation is important. Me, I beat canon around the head with a Louisville Slugger (a famous type of baseball bat, for you all non-Americans), but I do try to figure out why a person would do a certain thing given his character. Helps a lot.

4. Suicide is not the answer to most problems. Neither is torture.

5. If you want to write about aristocrats, read about them first. They are actually real people; their ancestors just were more successful than yours at stealing. For example, the few real aristocrats I've ever met (in the United States, we would be talking about Real Old Money, 18th and 19th century) have beautiful manners. They would no more think about screaming at a servant in public than you would. Yes, we all have seen Hello and OK magazine stories. Note that those people are seldom considered Real Old Money.

6. Lucius Malfoy is a scary SOB. Pairing him with.... anybody is just... disturbing. I'm only saying.