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Legends (8/?)  
Title: Legends (8/?)
Author: Merucha
Characters: Tim McGee, Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, plus the usual Torchwood and NCIS suspects
: Some chapters definitely not safe for work.
Disclaimer: Oh, please. If I owned them, would I let some of those idiots write the scripts? And if I were making any money off them, would I be where they could find me?
Summary: After the events of Bloodbath, Tim McGee accepts a offer from a total stranger
Author's Note: A few weeks ago I was watching some NCIS episodes and came across Bloodbath. I hated both Abby and Gibbs in it. I hated the humiliation of making Tim kneel all day for something that was someone else's fault. I fumed for days (I am a bit obssessive about things from time to time). Then, a few days ago, this popped up. As usual, AU like nobody's business.

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Tony glanced at Ziva from time to time as they drove to Nick Quaderi's place. His partner's face was perfectly blank, which meant she was trying to figure out where her loyalties lay. He had seen it happen before and she had usually come through, but those times she hadn't, there had been hell to pay.

Tony had a feeling that if Ziva bet the wrong way, clusterfuck wasn't even going to begin to describe the result. And there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it.

He reached for his travel mug, smelled the coffee, grimaced, and set it back in the holder. He really should not try to make his own coffee in the mornings. And that led him in another direction. He had seen Tim put something in the Kass brothers' coffee and he suspected Tim had wanted him to see Tim doing it. Tony wanted to think that Tim could never kill anyone in cold blood, but how much did he really know about this new guy? Cool, confident, self-contained, this Tim was miles away from the one he had known.  And Torchwood didn't seem to be exactly a model for a law-enforcement agency.

He glanced at Ziva again. There was someone trained from birth to keep secrets.

“Ziva? What do you think about Tim?” He hesitated, then bit the bullet. “His character, I mean.”

She turned towards him. “What happened, Tony?”

“I saw him put something in the coffee he gave to the Kass brothers. I swear he wanted me to see it.”

“And you think that was Torchwood's way of not letting the case get to court?” She sighed. “Oh well. It seems to be a day for telling secrets.  No, Tony, Tim wasn't killing them. If you visit the Kass brothers in a few days you'll find that they will have forgotten all about you, Liam, and the dead man. If you visit them in a few weeks,” she shrugged, “God knows what you'll find.”

“How do you know?”

“Mossad knows a little about Torchwood. The story goes that we tried to infiltrate them three times. Each time the agent came back with part of his memory missing and their personalities changed somehow. The last one had lost everything after his bar mitzvah.  He was carrying a note that said something like you'll have to change the nappies on the next one.  We learned our lesson.”

“Jesus. And the personality thing?”

“The first agent resigned and moved to Australia, I think to become a farmer. The second one had no memory of Mossad at all. He studied medicine and went to work for the UN in refugee camps. The third one became an artist. I think you'd recognize his name.” He touched his jaw lightly. “Close your mouth and pay attention to the road.”

He had to swallow twice before asking, “do you think they have messed with Tim's mind?”

She burst out laughing, but there was a sad tinge to the laughter. “No, Tony. That's the same Tim we knew. He just got the attention and care we didn't give him.”

He wanted to deny it but couldn't. They had driven Tim away and he had found better friends. But he still wondered about Gibbs' role in all of it. He had really wanted Tim on the team, and for the first years or so he kept them off the Probie's back, but there had been a definite change at some point. Gibbs had started to push Tim away, and he had encouraged both the romance with Abby and then Abby's destructive behavior, not to mention Tony's own fratboy antics. And yet if what Tony had seen in Gibbs' eyes when he looked at Tim was true... well, the whole thing nagged like a abscessed tooth.

“Over there, Tony,” Ziva said, pointing out an open parking space.

As they reached the apartment building they saw Tim and Tish walking up from the opposite direction. They stared at the dilapidated facade.

“I guess yuppification missed this one,” Tim said sardonically.

“And a good thing too,” Tony told him. “No doorman.”

They crossed the street and went in. The lobby was of the old-fashioned kind, with doorbells above each mail box. Tony pressed several at random and waited, hand on the inner door's latch. When it buzzed, he pulled it open and bowed to the others.

“Low tech but efficient,” he said and was pleased to hear Tish's giggle.

Quaderi's apartment was on the second floor towards the end of a dingy corridor smelling strongly of  stale food and mildew. Tony touched the door gently and it swung inwards.

“That's not good,” Tim muttered.

They drew their guns. Tony smashed his hand against the door, sending it crashing against the wall. “NCIS!”

There was no answer. The front room was obsessively clean and orderly; the whole place reeked of Lysol, from the tiny galley kitchen to the cheap bookcase near the single window.  There wasn't a single hiding place big enough for a cat, much less a man. Tim gestured towards what had to be the bedroom door. Tony nodded.

They stood on either side of the door, backs flat against the wall. Tim reached down and turned the doorknob, then shouldered the door open and let the momentum carry him. Tony followed, gun sweeping  the opposite side of the room.

The room was as clean and orderly as the living room. Well, Tony thought, except for the mess someone had made of Nick Quaderi.

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adiratam[personal profile] adiratam on May 10th, 2013 09:58 am (UTC)
LOL, loved Ziva being able to tell Tony something, that might make him think twice before messing up !!!

this is great
thanks muchly
Merucha[personal profile] merucha on May 11th, 2013 12:40 am (UTC)
Thank you! I think this Tony thinks before he acts. Weird, but true.