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Legends (2/?)

itle: Legends (2/?)
Author: Merucha
Characters: Tim McGee, Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, plus the usual Torchwood and NCIS suspects
Rating: Some chapters definitely not safe for work.
Disclaimer: Oh, please. If I owned them, would I let some of those idiots write the scripts? And if I were making any money off them, would I be where they could find me?
Summary: After the events of Bloodbath, Tim McGee accepts a offer from a total stranger
Author's Note: A few weeks ago I was watching some NCIS episodes and came across Bloodbath. I hated both Abby and Gibbs in it. I hated the humiliation of making Tim kneel all day for something that was someone else's fault. I fumed for days (I am a bit obssessive about things from time to time). Then, a few days ago, this popped up. As usual, AU like nobody's business

 First part is here

Four Years Later

Senior Field Agent Anthony DiNozzo stared at the man standing on the narrow beam that swung freely from the hook of the tower crane, fourteen or fifteen stories above the ground. Tony couldn't see the man's face, but he got an impression of a lean, strong body and incredible self-assurance, like a tightrope walker. The man was wearing dark jeans and what looked like a leather jacket over a white t-shirt, but he was too high up for Tony to make out any facial features.

"He's going to end up a smear on that pile of bricks if he's not careful," he muttered

“I don't think so.” His partner, Ziva David, leaned against the car, shading her eyes as she looked upwards. “He knows what he's doing.”

As if to prove her point, the man launched himself into the air. As he fell he grabbed a cable that hung loosely from the crane's hook and swung in a wide arc to land on the half-finished floor of the building behind him. It seemed to Tony that he was moving before his feet even touched the ground. He heard Ziva's little whoosh as she expelled the breath she had been holding.

“Are you two going to stand there all day?” their boss growled from the open square that would one day be the entrance doors to the building.

 “Coming, boss.”

 “Coming, Gibbs.”

 They followed him into the space beyond. The building was laid out as a hollow square, with rooms opening into corridors that looked down on what would obviously would be a combination restaurant/bar/lobby. Hanging from one of the ironwork railings was a man. Tony didn't need Ducky to tell him the man had been tortured. Dried blood crusted his mouth and nose, and red welts covered the parts of his body that he could see. A small pool of dried blood and urine lay directly below him.

 “Ziva, scene photos,” Gibbs said. “Tony, check his clothes. See if you can find any...”

 Suddenly the man's body jerked, as if he were trying to free himself. Tony found himself shoved to the ground at about the same time he realized someone was shooting at them. Ziva had taken a long, flat dive into the space below the lowest corridor and was returning fire. Tony scrambled behind a curved half-wall and pulled out his own gun.


 “Two, maybe three.” She pointed with her gun. “Up there. But they ran after I started shooting.”

 “Actually, they left because someone explained you were the good guys.”

 Tony whipped around, pointing his gun at the group that stood near the door, knowing that Ziva was doing the same from across the room. And what a group. A tall man in what looked like a military coat, another man in a suit so expensive it made Tony wince, and two gorgeous black women, clearly related, both dressed as if they were going out to tea at Peacock Alley instead of scrambling around a construction site.

 “And who the hell are you?” Tony asked.

 “The cavalry.”

 “Funny.” Tony didn't lower his gun. “Try again.”

 “A lot of people have been looking for that man. His friends saw you searching the body and assumed you had killed him and were trying to find what he was carrying. One of my men talked to them.”

 Tony looked around, frantically trying to find Gibbs. The boss wasn't the type to fade into the background like this. He couldn't see any signs of blood except for the patch under the body, so Gibbs hadn't been hit. He looked up. Gibbs had the sniper's instinct to find a high vantage point. Maybe he had found a way upstairs.

 As if he could read his mind, the man in the military coat spoke again, a little louder. “Gunnery Sergeant Gibbs? Please call Director Vance. He wants to speak to you.”

 They waited. Just as Tony was reaching the end of his last nerve, Gibbs came around a pillar, phone in one hand and gun in the other. Tony, who had made it his business to study Gibbs the same way he studied a piano score, could see the signs of strain around his eyes and mouth. Something had gone badly wrong somewhere.

 Gibbs came to stand in front of the man in the military coat, but not, Tony noticed, close enough to shake hands. “Captain Harkness. It seems we're going to be working together.” At the other man's nod, he went on. “Our medical examiner is outside. Let's let him do his job. We can go back to the Yard and start ours.”

 One of the women with Captain Harkness stepped forward. “I'll stay here, Jack. Doctor Mallard and I should get to know each other.”

 “All right, Martha.” The Captain looked upwards. “Hey, Irish. Time to go.”

 Tony looked in the same direction. The man he had seen outside was standing on the railing of the third floor corridor. There was something familiar about him, Tony realized, but he couldn't quite recover the memory. He watched as the man jumped off, somersaulting in mid-air to land on one knee in front of the Captain. Harkness chuckled as he ran his hand through the man's short spiky hair.

 “Show off,” he murmured.

 The man chuckled. “Just having a bit of fun, boss.”

 It was the voice that finally did it for Tony. He stood up, gun and possible threats forgotten. “Probie?”



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