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Legends (10/?)  
Title: Legends (10/?)
Author: Merucha
Characters: Tim McGee, Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, plus the usual Torchwood and NCIS suspects
: Some chapters definitely not safe for work.
Disclaimer: Oh, please. If I owned them, would I let some of those idiots write the scripts? And if I were making any money off them, would I be where they could find me?
Summary: After the events of Bloodbath, Tim McGee accepts a offer from a total stranger
Author's Note: A few weeks ago I was watching some NCIS episodes and came across Bloodbath. I hated both Abby and Gibbs in it. I hated the humiliation of making Tim kneel all day for something that was someone else's fault. I fumed for days (I am a bit obssessive about things from time to time). Then, a few days ago, this popped up. As usual, AU like nobody's business.
Author's Note: this chapter has been EDITED because someone pointed out that I had Ianto in two places at once. I checked and sure enough I had left out several sentences while cutting and pasting!

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Tony sniffed theatrically at the cup in Tim's hand. “Probie, I'll trade you my first-born son for that coffee.”

“Get back to me when you have one of those,” Tim snickered. “But you're in luck. Ianto's taken over the coffee maker in the break room. He just started a new pot. And there might even be pastries.”

“Be right back.”

He headed around the desks at a trot, chased by Tim's laughter. He reached the break room just in time to see Jimmy Palmer reaching for a tray full of Italian goodies.

“Touch that sfogliatella, gremlin, and I'll dissect your fingers.”

“Come on, Tony!” Jimmy mock-whined. “I'm a growing boy!”

“Then grab one of the cannoli or that bombolone. The sfogliatella is mine.” He turned to Ianto, who had just poured a tall cup for Tish. “Could I get one of those?”

Ianto filled one of the cups, then studied him for a moment before adding this and that from some small containers next to the cups. Tony nearly grabbed it out of his hands, brought it up to his face, and inhaled deeply.

“I think I've found your secret.” He sipped. “I know I've found your secret.”

“What secret?”

“How you seduced Jack. It was the coffee, right?”

“That was the opening gambit,” Ianto said blandly. “But it was the pteranodon that sealed the deal.”His eyes unfocused for a brief second. "Jack's here."

Tony watched him run out and shook his head. “I'm not even going to ask.” He put the sfogliatella on  a plate, considered the tray for a minute, and added a cannolo with chocolate shavings.  “Did we get anything overnight?”

“Mimi thinks she's found Quaderi's girlfriend.” Tish said.

“And we got the autopsy done,” Jimmy added. “There's probably going to be a briefing soon.”

“OK. I'll need to check the morning reports before then.”

He grabbed his plate and headed back to the bullpen. As he came around Gibbs' desk he saw Abby plop herself down on Ziva's chair. Nothing strange about that; Abby came upstairs regularly in the mornings before work really started. But for some reason he had gotten the impression that she had picked something up from his desk before she sat down. Then he wondered exactly when he had stopped trusting Abby.

“Hey, Abs.”

“Hey, Tony. Where's Ziva?”

“Should be in soon.”

“Oh. Ok.” She jumped up. “I'll see you later, then.”

He watched her walk to the elevators. Tony waited until the doors had closed, then slid his chair to the computer terminal behind his desk. Accessing the security camera recordings, he selected the one for the bullpen, timing it to ten minutes before his arrival. He watched himself chat with Tim and leave for the break room. A minute or so later Abby came out of the elevators. They had a brief conversation, a rather uncomfortable one, if he was any judge of body language. Then Jack arrived, and it was clear that Tim's attention had shifted completely away from Abby. Jack laughed, grabbed Tim by the neck, pulled him closer, and planted a smack right on his mouth as Ianto rolled his eyes at his husband's antics. The three men went upstairs.

Abby, though...  Abby had grabbed Tim's abandoned coffee cup and put it in the pocket of the lab coat. She must have heard Tony coming, because she had glanced towards Gibbs' desk, then hurried to Ziva's desk.

Tony didn't bother with the elevators. He ran down the stairs and burst into Abby's lab just as she was swabbing the edge of the cup.

“What the hell do you think you're doing, Abs?”

“Tony, Tony, don't you see?” She seemed more manic than usual. “I can run a DNA test on Tim and it'll be normal and he'll see those people are lying to him and he'll come back to us like he should.”

He stared at her blankly. “You're gone nuts.”

“But, look, Tony, it's not possible that Tim's an alien, I mean, the whole alien thing is so cool and I can't wait to meet one but Tim's not one of them, and he needs to be home where he belongs, with us!”

He grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her onto one of the stools. “Abby, I watched Tim jump off a beam fifteen stories above ground, use a cable to swing himself into a half-built floor and start running before he touched the concrete.The Tim we knew is gone, alien or not, and he's not coming back. Why should he? You used him and lied to Gibbs about him, I mocked him... We treated him like shit, Abby. He has no reason to come back.”

“But Tony...”

“Besides, I don't think you'll be allowed to run those tests.” He looked towards one of the monitors. “Right, Mimi?”

The screen flared to life as the Torchwood T appeared. “You are correct, Tony. Ms. Sciuto, pay attention.”

 A street scene appeared on the screen. At first it reminded Tony of Sciacca, the port town in Sicily where his family had emigrated from, small houses built wall to wall climbing up a steep cliff. But the ocean coruscated emerald under two suns, and the houses were built of something that resembled transparent marble, and feathered serpents hovered lazily overhead. On the ebony beach, seven tall, oddly elegant beings and one human surrounded a lone figure. The human wore, of all things, a blue suit and running shoes, and had a goofily proud look on his face. The lone figure in the middle was Tim.

“This is Tim's adulthood ceremony,” Mimi informed them. “His family welcomed him and entered him into their clan's genealogical records. I suggest you accept the facts, Ms. Sciuto. Actually, let me rephrase that. I don't give a damn if you accept it or not. I will be watching your every step. If you try to interfere with Tim again I will make sure you regret it.”
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