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Legends (12/?)  
Title: Legends (12/?)
Author: Merucha
Characters: Tim McGee, Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, plus the usual Torchwood and NCIS suspects
: Some chapters definitely not safe for work.
Disclaimer: Oh, please. If I owned them, would I let some of those idiots write the scripts? And if I were making any money off them, would I be where they could find me?
Summary: After the events of Bloodbath, Tim McGee accepts a offer from a total stranger
Author's Note: A few weeks ago I was watching some NCIS episodes and came across Bloodbath. I hated both Abby and Gibbs in it. I hated the humiliation of making Tim kneel all day for something that was someone else's fault. I fumed for days (I am a bit obssessive about things from time to time). Then, a few days ago, this popped up. As usual, AU like nobody's business.

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“You guys really want to go in there?” The cop standing guard by the small house's back door pointed over his shoulder at the room. “It looks like a slaughterhouse.”

Tony patted the man's shoulder as he passed. “All part of the service.”

The door led directly into a small eat-in kitchen. Slaughterhouse was right, Tony thought as he saw the walls. And the drapes. And the furniture. And the shreds of bone and flesh that used to be a human being on the carpet.

“Jesus Christ. Gotta tell you, Probie, I always hoped aliens were more like E.T. and less like Predator.”

“Actually, the Toclafane are human.”

One look at the man standing in the corridor leading to the front of the house and Tony realized exactly how much he had been subconsciously underestimating Jack Harkness. The extroverted charmer was gone and in his place was the man that even Mossad would think twice before crossing. It was the eyes that gave him away; the blue, usually warm and full of emotion, was flat and cold as a silvered mirror.

“Something human did this?”

“Not human as you and I would define it,” Jack conceded. “But human nevertheless. Tim?”

“There were two people sitting at the table here. The Toclafane came in through that window. This one distracted him long enough to let the other one get away.”  He started down the corridor, then backed into the kitchen, almost like following a trail. “She tried to run to the front door but suddenly backtracked and went out the back.”

“Can you track her?”

Tim  pulled out his toy. “With a little help.”

They followed him out the door. Tony noticed Ziva and Ianto talking to some bystanders. He whistled to get their attention and pointed at Tim. He looked around for Gibbs, who had been running interference for them with the local cops, but couldn't find him among the uniformed mob crawling over the yard. He pulled out his phone and texted his boss a quick message then fell in line behind Ianto and Ziva.

Tim led them down the street, past the local Catholic Church – St Theresa, Tony noted absently as he sprinted past the slightly shabby building – and out onto the main road. Anacostia was undergoing one of its periodic fits of road construction; half the pavement was torn up, and there was equipment and piles of supplies all the way down to the freeway. The chase became an obstacle course.

“She'll be trapped between the freeway and the river!” Tony shouted at Tim as he jumped over some sewer pipes.

“She's aiming for the subway,” Jack said, pointing to the  spot where the road split in two, one climbing to the freeway and another going under it. “They're probably keeping the heaviest equipment in it. Toclafane sensors can be confused in small enclosed spaces, especially if they're crowded. It's the best chance she has.”

Tony was momentarily confused and then it clicked. “English, subway, American, underpass.  Got it. What the hell are we chasing anyway?”

Before anyone had a chance to answer, Tony saw it. Something that looked like a metal basketball   hovered in midair at the entrance to the underpass. There were lights going around it like a belt and others that looked almost like zippers running upwards to end on a diamond-shaped plate at the top. Sharp spikes and pincers holding wickedly curved knives protruded from several places. Every blade and spike dripped blood. The only thing the ugly thing had going for it was that it hadn't noticed them yet.

“Shit. And you call that human?”

Jack gave him a hard look. “Spread out. Some of those spikes carry lasers, so let's not give it easy targets. You, Tim, and Ziva aim for the sensor belt. It's heavily protected but impacts from several directions will keep him off balance. Ianto and I will use our manipulators on the lifter port between those pincers at the bottom. It has to remain open when the Toclafane is in the air.”

Tony drew out his gun. It struck him that in other circumstances he would have found the situation amusing, but the bodies of Quaderi and the unidentified man back in the house had taken all the humor out of it.  He moved back, putting some distance between himself and Ziva on one side and Ianto on the other, and waited until Jack and  Ianto were in position.


Tony aimed at the lights and fired at the same time Tim and Ziva did. The Toclafane rocked under the onslaught. Jack and Ianto stood directly opposite each other, arms held out. Tony couldn't see anything, but he could hear the metallic whine of machinery under stress. The Toclafane spun and one of the spikes came up pointed directly at Tony. He dove out of the way as the laser beam made a blackened, smoking mess in the ground he had just vacated. They didn't have enough bullets, Tony thought, as the sphere bobbled again; they needed a platoon of marines with IARs, not three people with handguns. A second laser beam shot out, its aim  thrown off by a perfectly placed shot from Ziva, and huge chunks of concrete flew out of the overpass wall. A piece struck Ianto a glancing blow and drove him to his knees. Tony saw Tim trying to reload his Sig.

We're going to lose this one, Tony told himself.

And then all of a sudden Gibbs was there, popping in freaking out of nowhere, arm raised to point the wrist strap he was wearing at the Toclafane. The metallic whine became a howl, and the sphere rocked violently, as if trying to escape and finally, finally,  it gave a convulsive heave and fell.

In the sudden silence, Tony heard the Captain's icy words very, very clearly. “You had damn better explain yourself, Gibbs. Fast.”

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ladycat1170[personal profile] ldycat1170 on May 26th, 2013 08:34 pm (UTC)
Everytime you add something you completely deepen the mystery and make me want more.
Merucha[personal profile] merucha on May 27th, 2013 02:59 am (UTC)
I am having such a goog time with this story. I'm so glad you're enjoying it!