28 July 2009 @ 11:59 pm
I just went off on a post at Torch_Wood where a CoE fan calls people like me, who criticize the great talent of RTD, irrational and childish fist-shakers. I don't usually do things like this, but I just... where are these condescending, insulting people coming from? Am I the only one -- no I'm not, if your response to the meta post is anything to go by -- who thinks that good characters and a good story makes for good television and refuse to lick the toes of anyone who doesn't provide it? Is it really such a childish thing to expect what I'm promised?

I was willing to overlook all the stupid discontinuities, silly plot twists, and annoying inconsistencies of Torchwood because the characters were appealing -- even Saint Gwen most of the time. I loved them all. I was prepared to lose some; considering the set up, it was unlikely to think Torchwood would be blood-free. But I did expect that they would die with dignity and grace and they would be treated with respect.  And once in a while, one of the writers would get it right and it all came together and it was GLORIOUS. But CoE destroyed all of that; all the trust I had put on the creators that they would respect their own creation.

Look. RTD doesn't owe me anything. But I owe him exactly the same. I have followed writers whose work has descended into Mary-Sueism and have dumped them without a qualm. They're still best sellers, just not on my dime. RTD will go on having his fanboys and fangirls who will cheer every contrived, second-hand, cheap-emotion-in-place-of-real-effort work he puts out. I'm not one of them. And good luck to him. I wish no evil on anyone, preferring to let karma work its magic.

But I will NOT be told to sit down and shut up. Screw that.

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