12 October 2008 @ 09:48 pm

Glasgow6, originally uploaded by emmacuesta.

This shot was taken from the entrance to the Necropolis on a beautiful fall day.

The complete set is here
27 September 2008 @ 01:59 am
Since I am an honest person, let me tell you what Glasgow is not: It's not pretty.  It's grimy, messy, under permanent construction, and full of annoyingly beautiful young people in black leather (three Universities and several colleges). What is is though, is MAGNIFICENT. I'm in constant danger of tripping myself and others from looking up at the architectural details of the stunningly beautiful Victorian buildings. The museums are incredible. I've spent a whole day in the Kelvingrove, just walking about and gaping. The People's Palace has a fantastic photo exhibit of Glasgow in 1955. It was done by the local photo clubs to show a snapshot of what the city looked like. The photos arfe amazing, and form one of the most unique historical records I've ever seen.

And the people. Glaswegians are GRAND. Amazing. Friendly, funnny, sweet -- everything you can think of. And, OMYGOD, the champion shoppers of the Universe! It was a bank holiday today and Buchanan Street looked like a combination of a rock concert and a coronation. I took pictures, because I don't think my friends will believe them if I don't have proof.

Tomorrow I'm taking a train out of here and heading off for the photo workshop. I will really miss this city!