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This Alternate Universe is a retelling of the Torchwood stories in a world in which there are no aliens, and magic is real and and an accepted part of everyday life. As you might imagine, history has taken some interesting turns. The most important for our purposes is that at the Synod of Whitby, the decision went the other way. Wales, Ireland, and Scotland remained Celtic Christians and there is a vibrant Pagan minority. Roman Catholicism found its niche as a Norman import and remains the religion of the English upper classes.

I will be adding links and information as I go. As usual, the links are to the last part of the story. Links to the previous parts are there.

Everything Changes. A young Pagan constable named Gwen Cooper, trained and certified as a medium, is drawn into the world of the Torchwood Institute -- the mysterious people known as The Queen's Magicians. here

Day One. The team chases an insane revenant and Gwen gets some answers about Jack Harkness. here

Spirit Mirror (Ghost Machine). A cursed mirror sends Owen on a quest for revenge, and Gwen stumbles upon a secret. here

Hungry Heart (Cyberwoman). The team races to save Ianto's life... and his soul. here

Changeling (Small Worlds). A young girl's mysterious history could bring disaster to Cardiff and Torchwood Three. here

Trading Partners (Countrycide). The team goes chasing monsters, and Toshiko gets a glimpse of her heritage. here

Voices in the Wind (Greeks Bearing Gifts). A betrayal in Toshiko's past pushes her into a dangerous

Necessary Ends (They Keep Killing Suzie). An old, old friend helps Jack and Ianto in their quest to defeat an angry And Coda here

As Dreams are Made On (Random Shoes). Andy Davidson's first Torchwood case. here and Coda here.

Out of Time. Doctor Owen Harper falls in love with an improper stranger. here, and coda here

Combat. Something is killing weevils, and Torchwood is out to stop it. here and Coda here

Captain James Harper.  The Darkness gathers and the team find strength in each other. here and Coda here

End of Days.  The battle for the future of Earth has begun. here and Coda here

Past Grief (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) . Jack is back, but trouble arrives in the form of one of his oldest enemies. here and Coda here

Guardians (Sleepers). An amnesiac woman lands the team in the middle of a battle for control of one of history's greatest secrets. here and Coda here

The Wounded King (To the Last Man). A young soldier is all that stands between the kingdom and disaster... here and Coda here

Eternal Silences (Meat). Someone is playing with life and death in Cardiff, and Doctor Owen Harper is fed up with it all. here and Coda here

Cold Mirrors (Adam).
Toshiko is drawn into a web of lust and murder... here and Coda here

Reset. Martha Jones comes to Torchwood and their world will never be the same. here and Coda here

The Concealed Ones. An apocalyptic cult is trying to hasten the end of the world but when Torchwood steps in, it finds much more than it expected. here and Coda here

Shadows of the World. Torchwood battles a terrible curse to save a beautiful woman. This takes the place of A Day in the Death. here. Coda is here
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This is a master list for the Homecoming AU. The stories appear in chronological order for the AU, not in the order in which they were written and posted. Each link is to the last chapter of the story; links to the previous chapters are located there. If you want to understand the AU, it would probably be best to start from Homecoming.

The John Hart Chronicles: The Soul Trap. John Hart finds alien technology and love in the strangest

A Very Private War. John Hart is pulled back through time to fight at Torchwood Three's side during the Year That Never Was. here

The Mermaid of Mermaid Quay. How Andy Davidson joined Torchwood

Homecoming. After fifteen years away, Ianto Jones returns to Cardiff... and Jack Harkness. here

The Eye of Neith. Ianto's former lover arrives in Cardiff asking for his help in tracking down an Egyptian relic that is much, much more than it seems and will change Ianto's life forever. here

The Siege of Annwfn. Jack and Ianto battle renegade Time Lords to rescue an old friend. here

Memories of War, Memories of Love. Jack uncovers John's secrets. here

The Joining. Jack and Ianto discover a very nice benefit to Ianto's transformation. here

Then and Now. Jack meets Sherlock Holmes -- twice. here

The Hour of the Wolf. Gwen and Rhys's twin sons get caught in a trap meant for Torchwood... and the entire planet Earth. here

Invincible Summer.The events on the Valiant come back to haunt Tish Jones and it's up to John and Andy to help help her. here,

Memory and Time.  Something is trying to mess with Jack's time line. Old friends return in new guises to help out, Andy gets to time travel, and Ianto continues to develop his TARDIS abilities. here

A Valediction Forbidding Mourning.  Jack and Ianto attend a very special ceremony here

The Christmas Conspiracy. Ianto and the Doctor give Jack a Chrismas present he will never forget. here

Help me Remember.  Far in the future, the Doctor needs his friends to remember love. here