So I'm checking out the Sunday edition of the New York Times online and there it is: a big, positive story on RTD and Our Boys!

Great point:

Then there is “Torchwood,” which Mr. Davies describes as “science fiction for adults.” Broadcast later in the evening, it follows the adventures of a group of operatives who thwart the aliens that have a habit of finding their way to Cardiff. It is darker, sharper and less chaste than “Doctor Who.” Mr. Barrowman looks like a bigger and better Tom Cruise and has the charismatic bravado the role requires. Captain Jack makes no apologies; no one asks him to.

When people ask me why I like these shows so much, this is very much a part of it: nobody is asked to apologize for who and what they are. Jack's flirting may irritate the Doctor, in a sort of half-amused way, but you get the feeling that the Doctor would react the same way to any of his Companions who behaved like Jack does. The whole "Jack's omnisexual" story was handled in such a matter-of-fact way that it became part of the background. After many years watching science-fiction television, with its insistent avoidance of sexuality issues, it's so wonderful to see it made a simple fact...and move right along to more fun stuff.
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