08 July 2009 @ 11:56 am
I am startled by the speed in which Children of Earth fanfic is appearing. I mean, the actual story isn't even completed yet! I am still trying to internalize stuff that happened in the first two series...

I'm never going to be able to write drabbles, I don't think. I tend to think in terms of stories -- what if Ianto went away and returned years later? What if he became a TARDIS symbiont? What if John Hart was in Cardiff during the year that never was? What if Gwen died instead of Tosh in series two and Rhys asked to be Retconned? What if Andy was an alien? I live in a world of what ifs. (For anyone who is interested, the next big what if is: what if Ianto was taken by the Rift?, but that is still cooking a bit). I also don't have the ability to tap into emotion as  separate from action; unless very well done (and some of you are really good at it!), a piece about Ianto angsting about a throwaway one-liner in an episode can annoy me rather than attract me. Maybe some day I will try to do that just to stretch the writing muscles.

I'm working of a series of short stories about the time John Hart spends on Earth between the end of Series Two and his joining Torchwood in the Homecoming Verse. It's more difficult than I expected, but also my most personal. I don't even know where to post it outside of my own journal. It's not "Jack/IKanto"; they are mentioned but do not appear, except that the last story will be the one explaining how John and Ianto achieved a sort of friendship; it's not "Torchwood"; he's a character in the series but this is all about Hart and his slow walk back from the brink. Well, some of you will probably like them.
06 July 2008 @ 01:46 pm
I have been reading fan fiction, mostly Torchwood and Doctor Who, for about a year now, and have gotten many hours of pleasure from the work of you talented folk. It's amazing how much time and attention you devote to these characters and how much effort you put in developing actual storylines and exploring emotion. Even those of you whose specialty is smut (don't be ashamed when you're so good at it!) work hard at making the... ahem... action... have emotional underpinings that are true to character.

So, working on the assumption that you want to keep on getting better and I want to keep reading really good fan fiction, a bit of advice: spellcheck (or spell check, depending on the program) is not your friend. 

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