12 July 2009 @ 10:09 pm
Once in a while, I run up against the crazy side of life. In this case, against the crazy side of fandom. I didn't expect it, because the one and only fandom I've ever ever assayed -- many years ago, when the world was young -- didn't stick much, and I left after a couple of years out of sheer boredom, so I'd never realized how massively invested some people are with their favorite shows.  

My reaction to CoE was to declare myself an AU writer. In my world, Ianto is alive and the third series didn't happen. Others has been to go on a rampage against poor James Moran, who seems to be one of the most accessible people in the world, and who really wants to engage with the fans.  I am disappointed, and a bit pissed off, and I think RTD is a nihilist with the soul of a schoolyard bully, and I would want to tell him a thing or two, except that I don't think he would care about my opinion. But launching an all out internet attack on the writers or the actors? Jesus. That's taking all of this too far.

Being a fan is supposed to be enjoyable. It gives you the chance to play in a nice playground, take the characters in directions the writers never thought of, experiment with your own writing, enjoy other people's experiments. But it is playing with fiction.  With his talent, Gareth will go on to a good solid acting career. John will still be John and we will be enjoying his madness for years to come. Ianto and Jack remain, any way you want them.